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Hochschultage Berufliche Bildung 2019

Workshop 01 Sustainable Educational Settings in a Digital World

Confronting the challenges of Social Transformations nowadays, this workshop aims to focus on the implications of Society, Employment and Policy in a Digital World, taking an international perspective: Germany – Brazil. Presenting and comparing current social, political and labour market developments in both countries, the participants discuss the main influences and the challenges to create sustainable educational settings in different social and political contexts. This is achieved by framing educational settings according to:

  • International political trends, including the ‘General Agreement on Trades in Services’ (GATS, 1995) – that implemented the New Public Management internationally – and delivering on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (2015) as a re-fixation/-formulation of international and interdisciplinary cooperation;
  • The implementation of the 2030 Agenda in contexts of Social Inequality and Tendencies towards Conservatism;
  • Social trends, derived from current discussions on Digitalisation and Technology, Inclusion and Diversity, etc. ;
  • (De) Industrialization, Industry 4.0 and Gig Economy: perspectives on labour relations and vocational education programs.

This will clarify the objectives for sustainable educational settings (SES), aiming to enable social participation. Social inclusion and Social Participation, Employment and the possibilities to respond to Social Transformations, such as Digitalisation and Technology, are the main aspects to discuss.

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